Can arrival of alternative crypro currency destroy Bitcoin?

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Can arrival of alternative crypro currency destroy Bitcoin?

We perceive Bitcoin as a classic crypto currency. BTC was a pioneer that paved the way for other crypto currencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and the like. Their number is over 2 thousand already, but only the range of them is widely known. Each crypto features its own peculiarities making the coins stand out. Some characteristic makes them unique. Some cryptos can’t be traced like Dash, while Ethereum creates the unique eco-system, where different crypto currencies are created.

Some experts think that the most successful ones are able to bury BTC ultimately and this process has already started. Basing their supposition on considerable decline of price, they state that the main crypto is nearing its end. Its value is melting at the point of writing and the investors are in despair. It is still the most successful crypto and no peer succeeded in the same way. However, everything changes so fast on the market that it’s better to stay away from predictions. If you do not believe in its future, you’d better sell Bitcoin for USD at one of the exchange platforms and pay attention to different assets to invest into.

If BTC rose 1,400% a year, it is evident the price can fall suddenly. The same will occur to Dash, Litecoin or Ethereum currency. Each of them is independent but the main direction is still determined by BTC.

In 2017 financial data company Bloomberg added more currencies to its terminal service. Along with classic Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple appeared in Bloomberg Terminal. Alternative currencies have not come to substitute BTC but to complement it.  The service provides its customers with real market data to give them a comprehensive view of the situation with details concerning these altcoins.

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