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Oct, 2020

Bitfinex Pays 6.2 % Interest for Platform Deposits

The crypto exchange Bitfinex offers deposits in its platform from 15 October with regular interest payments in its users.


Bitfinex’s users can hold deposits in Bitcoin and Ethereum with an average return around 6.2 % while for Ripple’s deposits, with an average return around 4.9 % The interest rates are much higher than the market ones, especially from those offered in traditional banking, where interests are typically around 1 – 2 %.


This offering in Bitfinex’s users was enabled through a partnership with Celsius Network, a company that offers the same service for other cryptocurrencies, where users can earn up to 15 % from some deposits.


It is worth noting that Coinbase offers interest rates for DAI deposits around 2 % and USD Coin around 0.15 %.