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Cryptocurrency ATM allows purchasing bitcoins for cash

Perhaps, you’ve heard about bitcoins. Maybe you even have some other digital currency. How did you get it? There are a few ways to become a bitcoin owner: mining, buying through exchange, getting as payment for goods and services. Now, thanks to cryptocurrency ATM you can purchase almost any digital currency for cash.

Search cryptocurrency ATM online to find the proper machine. Special web services, such as ATM Radar or Coinbase, or Local Bitcoins, could be helpful for you. In addition, you can use mobile applications that were developed for Android and iOS as well. On a world map, you’ll see a numbers of marked ATM locations. Until now only about 1,600 BTMs have been installed all over the world. Also only third part of them ‘works’ with lots of digital currencies. However, all of them allow purchasing bitcoins for cash.

Learn as much information about cryptocurrency ATM kiosk as possible before going to it. If you’ve located a machine nearby, try to find reviews or other customers’ comments. Applications will provide you with important data: limits, fees, transactions limits etc. To use cryptocurrency ATM debit card is not necessary. Nevertheless, you’ll need cash and bitcoin wallet ID. So, how to buy bitcoins through Bitcoin Teller Machine?

  1. Start with identification. If BTM allows skip this step and save your anonymity.
  2. Then choose an amount of bitcoins you’d like to buy. Usually, the machine offers a few options. There can be a limit for one transaction - $ 3,000.
  3. Enter your bitcoins wallet ID or create a new one if the BTM allows. Save the receipt and use it to transfer bitcoins to your wallet later.
  4. Insert cash into a machine and confirm the transaction.

Soon bitcoins will be credited to your wallet. Remember, you’ll have to pay a fee for buying. Average buying fee now is 8,6% according to Coinbase website.