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€ 19 594,200
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€ 375 986 823 429
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  • 19 594.200 €
  • 19 165.770 $
  • 17 110.990 £
  • 88 262 162.162 C$
  • 29 728.000 A$

The best way to use bitcoin ATM anonymous

Bitcoin was claimed as a completely anonymous currency. However, the truth is that it is the most transparent digital currency. Although transactions are conducted anonymously, they can be traced. One of the ways to hide your name is to use bitcoin ATM anonymous, purchase cryptocurrency for cash.

At first, mining was the only method that allowed getting bitcoins. It’s hard and expensive because you need a special hardware and software to solve difficult math puzzles. Purchasing cryptocurrency is much easier. You can find a miner and buy it without any middleman or go to one of the popular web-services or use an exchange but in all cases you’ll have to identify yourself.

However, bitcoin ATM anonymous user can purchase digital currency without identification. Although there is an identification step, you don’t have to enter your name. So how to stay anonymous buying and selling bitcoins? Find a bitcoin ATM nearby, use bitcoin ATM anonymous app on your phone to read more information about the machine. You’ll learn its location, functionality, fees etc. Then try to find a guide with photos or video instructions that will help you to purchase coins. There are several ways to identify yourself.

  1. Enter a phone number.
  2. Scan QR-code with your phone to access the ATM functions.
  3. Enter a temporary e-mail address.

There are many different ATM manufacturers that use different software and this is why verification steps can vary. Read bitcoin ATM anonymous reviews before using one. They’ll help to choose the nearest ATM with best functions and conditions. Most ATMs are private, so you’ll have to pay a fee for purchasing cryptocurrency. Learn about the size of the fee, bitcoin price; compare it with prices on the Internet. Usually, the fee is 5%, sometimes it is up to 10%. Also the price for one bitcoin can be very high.