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Aug, 2020

The Pandemic Didn’t Affect Crypto Investing At All

The pandemic was for many cases, the catalyst for the global economy for entering a new phase, under new conditions, and new prospects for the future. The financial market, even if several tons of newly printed money came in the market, is still in a fragile situation, creating uncertainty in investors who are constantly looking for investment positions with higher returns and lower risks.


In this condition, cryptocurrencies seem to be an honorary position as individual and institutional investors try to add them in their portfolios, with crypto products to achieve better diversification in them.


The investment boom was depicted in performance from two investment companies, Pantera Capital and Greyscale Investments, both focused on cryptocurrencies. The returns overcome any expectation after the bull run and they raised their capitals under management.


The interest is global as many individuals enter the investing space during the quarantine through cryptocurrencies.