Bitcoin Halving is Coming
Apr, 2024

Bitcoin Halving is Coming

In this week, another positive event will take place in the Bitcoin world.


The halving, a programmable feature in the Bitcoin core code, will reduce in half the miners’ rewards for every block mined in the network. By fair terms, every new block that will added in the Bitcoin network, will bring 3.125 new bitcoins in the market by next week and for the next 4 years.


As it is known, only 21 million bitcoins will be ever circulated, enduring the strong deflationary character in the currency and the value offered to the end client.


The previous halvings have been really boosting for the Bitcoin’s price, showing that the currency’s scarcity will always work in a positive way for existing and new investors in the market.


Indeed, this event is one of the factors that has been waited from every investor for 2024.


We wait to see the market reaction……..


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