Positive Results after Halving
Apr, 2024

Positive Results after Halving

The 4th Halving took place in the Bitcoin network and every event like that, made the current bitcoins even rarer in the future.


Now, only 3.125 bitcoin will be mined in every new block, boosting miners to address first blocks with higher fees and not only in mining new blocks.


The price followed the positive news and surged around 3 % since Friday, reaching around $66,000. In parallel, Ethereum stand above $3,000, reaching even $3,200.


Moreover, stocks that are related with cryptos and especially with mining, saw really large uprisings in their valuations. Marathon Digital surged around 6 %, CleanSpark and Iris Energy around 11 % while Riot Platforms skyrocketed at 23 %.


We wait to see how long this will last and when the next bull run will start………..


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