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Jul, 2020

Over 700,000 Hotels Accept Cryptocurrencies Through Travala

Booking platform Travala allows tourists to book a hotel room and pay in cryptocurrencies. The platform supports 30 cryptocurrencies and traditional payments like every booking platform. Travala, apart from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Binance Coin, has developed its cryptocurrency, AVA.


The large boom for the platform became through Travala’s partnership with Expedia Group, a conglomerate in the hotel sector. The group owns more than 700,000 hotels in 35,000 different destinations worldwide. The same group accepted Bitcoin for hotel payments but stopped in July 2018. New payment adoption is a long-term strategy for the group as the sector seems to grow and adopt new payments in the ecosystem.


According to new data, reservations in hotels start to rise exponentially, giving hope to many professionals in the sector that there will be a pause in losses from cancelations.