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€ 556,960
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0.01161216 BTC
€ 85 904 421 396
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What is bitcoin ATM charges and why do you have to pay it?

Buying cryptocurrency became easier and faster when ATMs appeared. It is a simple way for a beginner to purchase bitcoins for cash in just a few minutes. You find a machine, follow its instructions, enter wallet ID or create one, insert money and receive bitcoins on your wallet. If you want to sell digital currency the procedure is almost the same.

However, there are bitcoin ATM charges that you’ll come across when doing a transaction. High fee is a problem that even ordinary ATMs have. You pay a machine owner for the opportunity to convert fiat currency into digital one and vice versa. According to web-service Coin ATM Radar average buy fee has gone up from 6% to 8% recently. At the same time, average sell fee is floating around 5,5%.

It means that to buy bitcoins or any other available digital currency you’ll pay additional 8% for the transaction. However, if you want to sell cryptocurrency for cash your charges will be 5,5%, so bitcoin ATM charges for cash is a bit lower.

These numbers are average but you have an opportunity to find ATM with lower fees. There are two ways to do it.

  • Use one of the popular web-services, Coin ATM Radar, for example or other. It’ll help you to locate machines nearby and get some important information about it, such as available currencies, fees or manufacturer. If there is no info about charges, try to find a review or a developer website, where all the data should be located.
  • Another good way is to download application on your phone. Find it in App Store or Google Play Store. A simple map with marks will show you the ATM location. Click on it and you’ll see all important info about it.

There will be some info about transactions, amounts and fees you’ve paid in bitcoin ATM chargers tickets. Usually bitcoin ATMs don’t print it, just show on screen or send to e-mail specified during the identification.