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Bloomberg terminal uses Kraken Bitcoin price

Financial specialists express different views about Bitcoin. Some of them admire the crypto, others call it disrupting, but one thing remains unchangeable. Investors are increasingly interested in it for various reasons. The participants of financial market all over the globe want to get info on BTC quotes. Therefore Bloomberg Professional service considered this information important and started monitoring crypto to provide charts from Kraken Bitcoin exchange and Coinbase. Being a huge crypto exchange based in USA is a reliable source of information. It is actually the biggest cryptocurrency trading platform that operates all over the world. It was the right decision on the part of Bloomberg terminal to resort to Kraken Bitcoin price. The marketplace operates almost flawlessly with exception of few episodes that took place in the past. The resource had issues with numerous DDoS attacks in 2017. It also stopped working for 48 hours for upgrade in the beginning of 2018 though it was announced that the process would take a couple of hours.

Kraken provides bidirectional conversion of Bitcoin to cash and vice versa. It deals with euro, US dollars, British pounds and with Japanese yen but decided to refuse from this currency. It wants to go away from the Japanese market because the transactions are too expensive. The management of the platform decided to enhance work of exchange on other markets. The site was launched in 2011. In 2014 it came to Japanese market. According to the data of Coinmarketcap, the exchange takes the tenth place in volume of trades.

If you need Kraken to convert Bitcoin to Euro, it can be done fast. Find out about the value of Bitcoin first. The trading pair is BTC EUR on Kraken platform and apply to the service for conversion. If you are not sure if it is worth using it, read Kraken Bitcoin exchange review online to make sure that this is what you need.

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