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Bcash Market Exchange

Market statistics

# Symbol Name Symbol Price EUR Price BTC %Change24h Capitalization
1 btc
Bitcoin € 60 633.00
btc € 60 633.00 1.00000 -2.90417% € 1 193 702 593 602 Find location to buy
2 eth
Ethereum € 2 986.78
eth € 2 986.78 0.04922 -1.19522% € 364 705 338 734 Find location to buy
3 usdt
Tether € 0.93
usdt € 0.93 0.00002 0.61306% € 103 300 546 916 Find location to buy
4 usdc
USDC € 0.94
usdc € 0.94 0.00002 -0.76985% € 31 406 323 060 Find location to buy
5 xrp
XRP € 0.49
xrp € 0.49 0.00001 -3.72867% € 27 226 724 111 Find location to buy
6 ltc
Litecoin € 80.35
ltc € 80.35 0.00132 1.14646% € 5 985 072 680 Find location to buy
7 dash
Dash € 28.82
dash € 28.82 0.00047 -2.19954% € 339 197 179 Find location to buy

Launch a Bitcoin ATM Business with Bcash's Innovative Models

As cryptocurrency adoption grows globally, providing easy access to buy and sell coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin via ATMs represents a major business opportunity. Bcash offers turnkey solutions to start your own crypto ATM operation using innovative new models like the ATM Alpha I and ATM Omega I.

These sleek, compact ATMs allow consumers to instantly convert Ethereum to US dollars or other fiat currency and back again. The units support two-way transactions, meaning users can both purchase crypto and get cash in return.

Bcash's Ethereum usd exchange rate is clearly displayed on the ATM screen and reflects real-time market pricing. This transparency provides an advantage over traditional exchanges with opaque fees.

The company handles compliance, licensing, technical support, and location setup - everything you need to start earning revenue with your own fleet of crypto ATMs. You can see our Alpha I and Omega I ATM Models on Bcash's website to learn more about these innovative units.

With major investors now buying into crypto, plus growing retail and institutional adoption, demand for easy access via ATMs is skyrocketing. Bcash taps into this massive opportunity by making it simple to launch and operate a profitable Bitcoin ATM business.

You can start with a single machine in your local area or scale up to cover an entire region. Bcash's management tools provide real-time visibility into your ATM network's performance and usage metrics.

Now is the ideal time to capitalize on the accelerating crypto revolution. An ATM business from Bcash lets you earn income today while playing a key role in mass adoption of digital currency. Learn more about the lucrative opportunity at

Bitcoin ATM Alpha I From 5990 €
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