Europe Waits for New Cryptocurrency Framework
May, 2021

Europe Waits for New Cryptocurrency Framework

One of the hottest trends in the crypto space is the regulatory framework that every government want to implement around it and the European Union couldn’t be silent about it.


For this reason, it founded “Markets for Crypto-Assets” or MiCA at September 2020. Apart from settling some definitions about the respective markets, there were several categories about cryptocurrencies:

  • E-money tokens, meaning means of exchange with stable value like stablecoins
  • Tokens linked to stable multiple stable currencies in parallel
  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and relevant cryptos


The most important part behind MiCA is who will be able to offer services in the crypto world, who should be registered and be compliant with EU regulations regarding money transactions and control of origin.


We must wait to see the real implementation and how it will affect the crypto world and their users.