MicroStrategy Continues Investing in Bitcoin
Feb, 2021

MicroStrategy Continues Investing in Bitcoin

In 2020, MicoStrategy bought over 70,000 bitcoins, giving the company to claim the “leader” title in the institutional investing market. In a new announcement, there was another declaration that MicroStrategy is planning to obtain even more !!!


For this reason, it will issue convertible notes worth of $600 million, with 6 years maturity duration, with semi-annual interest payment. At this moment, MicroStrategy’s position at Bitcoin, overcomes $3 billion, showing that there is instant return on this move from the market.


It is worth noting that one of the largest investors in Bitcoin, Grayscale Investments, valuing its position at $31 billion, applauded this move. Institutional investors are trying to create a trend, where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will become a safe alternative for spreading the risk in their portfolios.