The Next Step for Crypto Adoption
Feb, 2021

The Next Step for Crypto Adoption

The entire Bitcoin’s philosophy lays on the fact that a coin will allow money transactions between the interested parties, without bank intermediation. One of the major functions of money, this of the exchange value, seems to lack in dynamics at the current period.


According to a Binance’s research, only 11 % of users (especially of Bitcoin) uses cryptos as a medium of payment. The main reason for that is the large retail companies like Amazon and EBay haven’t show particular interest for crypto adoption in their payment processes.


Those large companies are a concentrating point for a large portion of consumers as they could find everything that they want, in any product category. With this way, the system pushes consumers to give their money much easily. For this reason, the next step for mass adoption and the price boom in the Bitcoin market will be the adoption from a large retail brand, that will allow a critical consumer mass to spend cryptos in desired markets.