Coinbase Issues Visa Card for US Customers
Nov, 2020

Coinbase Issues Visa Card for US Customers

Coinbase’s customers from USA can now apply for getting a Visa card, spending cryptocurrencies from their accounts. The particular service is available for customers in Europe and United Kingdom.


Like other debit cards that allow crypto spending, Coinbase has a return program. The return program from Coinbase is 4 % for Stellar Lumens (XLM) and 1 % for Bitcoin (BTC).


The first users will be approved in winter while there should be verified to get the card in physical form 2 weeks after the application. In parallel, there would an option for a virtual version of the card, for mobile use.


The card issuance won’t cost anything but there are fees for currency conversions in fiat currency and the reverse, like it happens in the exchange.