Blockstream’s New Initiative for Startups
Jun, 2020

Blockstream’s New Initiative for Startups

Blockstream, the company which developed Liquid and Lightning Network, two of the most successful Bitcoin’s sidechains, is ready to release its new initiative, Liquid Ventures Initiative, with its main goal to connect startuppers and developers, active on sidechains’ commercial use with investors, active on the crypto space.


Many startups from Hong Kong, Israel, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, and the USA have already presented their projects and ideas in a 12 venture capitals panel, active on crypto space. Some of them are Nogle, Seven Seas VC, Blockchain Capital, Castle Island Ventures και Digital Garage Lab Fund.


The new initiative has already gathered $ 5 million from the supporting companies and it has released a new round of applications for startups that want to present their ideas and projects. The demo days will be held every 3 months while the next demo day will be held in August.


You can find more information about the initiative and apply if you are interested, by clicking here.