Cardano Brings Cash Experience in Cryptos
May, 2020

Cardano Brings Cash Experience in Cryptos

Cardano started in its lab, in Blockchain Lab created by Wyoming University, a new microchip that will revolutionize in the way that we use cryptocurrency in our everyday life.


There are three problems with the current microchip market. The existing chips are 1) unable to integrate into every portable device 2) unable to store securely any cryptographic keys and 3) are expensive to produce. These factors postpone the wide use of blockchain apps in our everyday life.


The problem that seems to exist and Cardano brings on the surface is that people have it difficult to change their routine. This means that if humans are used to paying with cash, then virtual money should have at least one physical dimension, which will help the users pay with cryptocurrency as easy as cash.


For this reason the microchip under development, according to IOHK, the company which develops Cardano, will be embedded in the most widely spread device in the world, the smartphone, and will be able to transfer cryptographic keys without the use of the internet. Although, in the aspect of cheap production, the trade war between the USA and China, can delay the use of the chip in the real economy.