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Bitcoin ATM rates per one transaction.

They say, new bitcoin ATMs are convenient and easy way to convert digital currency into fiat one. The procedure is simple and clear. You pass identification (or skip it if the machine allows it), choose the amount you want to sell, enter bitcoin wallet ID, confirm transaction and receive money. Usually it takes a few minutes only. However, take into account that you’ll have to pay fee for transaction.

Bitcoin ATM rates depends on different factors, such as:

  • transaction type
  • cryptocurrency type
  • ATM owner

According to Coin ATM Radar service, buying fee is higher than selling fee. It means, when you purchase bitcoins or other digital currency, you pay more. In the latter case, your fee will be lower. Now bitcoin ATM exchange rate for buying is fluctuating from 5% to 10%. The average fee for purchasing is 8,3%, which is higher than it was two years ago. If you want to convert cryptocurrency into cash, prepare to pay from 3% to 6% fee. The average selling fee is about 5,5%. You can find information about certain ATM rate in special app or web services.

All these numbers concerns bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well. However, the ATM owner can set even higher or lower fees per transaction. Keep in mind that almost 80% of all ATM’s are private, so fee is the operator’s way to receive profit. There are a few methods that allow reducing bitcoin ATM transaction fee.

First of all, find a ‘low cost’ machine. Use an ATM map or special application for this purpose. Try to find users guides, reviews or comments about a certain machine. Next advice is to exchange big amounts. It is cheaper to make one transaction for a big amount than several small exchange operations. You can also use a bitcoin card that allows paying for goods and services with bitcoins. In this case, you don’t withdraw money, but the fee for exchange (cryptocurrency into fiat money) is rather low.