Cypriot Hospital Adopts Blockchain in Databases
May, 2020

Cypriot Hospital Adopts Blockchain in Databases

The Mediterranean Hospital in Cyprus announced the adoption of a new medical records platform based on VeChain infrastructure, the well-known cryptocurrency and tracking platform, and I-Dante, a digital health company.


The Mediterranean Hospital employs over 300 doctors and nurses while in 2019, it hosted more than 38,000 patients. The health sector in Cyprus seems to face bureaucratic and inefficiencies due to “ancient” technological infrastructure.


The first phase of adoption will be on the hospital’s emergency department and will allow patients to identify themselves, check waiting lists, and manage their medical records from their phones. The platform will be called “The E-NewHealthLife” and will allow hospitals to access their patients’ medical records without reaching third-party sources.


This partnership is not the first for VeChain in the healthcare sector. Earlier this year, it announced that its platform will be used to track the N-95 masks’ authenticity, imported from China, showing that the coronavirus pandemic functioned as the starting point for blockchain’s use in the healthcare sector.