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BTC shop: places, where bitcoins are accepted as payment

Bitcoin is getting more and more popular with each passing day. This is why many merchants have started to accept bitcoins as payment. For cryptocurrency owners, it is good news, almost as good as the bitcoin value that keeps on increasing. Because it means that now they can spend fewer bitcoins in BTC shop and get more goods for the same amount.

Some websites will provide you with a list of shops and companies that accept bitcoins. You might already hear about Amazon and eBay. The top shop BTC is considered to be Microsoft and Xbox Store that allow paying for apps, films and games with bitcoins. So what else can you get in exchange for digital currency? Well, almost everything.

  1. Buy gadgets and any useful things you need in
  2. Order pizza in PizzaForCoins.
  3. If you like to travel, go to Expedia to book a hotel and pay with bitcoins for it.
  4. Bitcoin.Travel – one more travelling booking agency that accepts bitcoins and provides you with any services without limits.
  5. If you are looking for a company that will help you to move your stuff to another place, call Roadway Moving Company.
  6. Buy fine jewellery produced by Reeds Jewelers Ink. The company accepts several types of cryptocurrencies.

If you need some special goods, find a party shop BTC that accepts digital currency for payment in the list offered by web services. Perhaps you’ll have to buy a gift card of the proper shop first. Two websites – eGifter and Gyft accept bitcoins as payment. Therefore, first, you’ll have to buy a card and then go to a store you need. Same with fitnes shop BTC. If the store you’re looking for is not on the list, find a way to exchange bitcoins to something else.

There are also some offline stores and restaurants that accept bitcoins. They must have a special bitcoin terminal. Alternatively, you can order a bitcoin card – virtual or plastic one that can be used just as an ordinary debit card.