NBA Player Tokenize Himself
Jan, 2020

NBA Player Tokenize Himself

Basketball player Spencer Dinwiddie from NBA team Brooklyn Nets announced its token issue as Professional Athlete Investment Security Token.


The cryptocurrency issue has been developed in partnership with Securitize, a company specialized in digital asset creation.


Spencer Dinwiddie has created last September his own platform, FREAM Fan Shares, a platform for fans and investors that can invest in professional athletes and reward for future success.


The value of the token lays on Spencer Dinwiddie’s contract, worth $ 34 million. NBA was very conscious about investment in its athletes as it creates new dynamics in basketball economics.


In this investment, not everyone can participate. Only accredited investors can participate in the token offering while its price is $ 150,000 for each one.


Spencer Dinwiddie’s story opens a new chapter in sports financing and we are looking forward to seeing more on that.