Binance Versus USA
Mar, 2023

Binance Versus USA

In the previous days, the US government sued Binance for its processes regarding derivatives trading around cryptocurrencies.


And the reason is really simple. Non-registered companies in the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) cannot give access to investors that want to trade any financial product.


And this is not the only thing. Binance seems to guide the “large wallets” in the platform how to evade compliance audits from the authorities regarding their crypto investments.


This thing shows the large problem in the crypto ecosystem. The fact that the crypto platforms cannot comply with the current regulation. Either exchanges or the regulators will need to change. And the exchanges will probably be the one to change.


For this reason, it is possible to see within the year, more crypto exchanges to change and re-launch in a new way in the market, complied with the new rules…