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Feb, 2021

Ethereum Gathers Interest from Institutional Investors

According to CoinShares’ research, during the last period and before Tesla’s announcement for $1.5 billion buy in Bitcoin, the institutional investors have made a significant turn for investing at Ethereum. The percentage have grown up to 80 % of the total capital invested from institutional investors that entered crypto markets.


This fact was helped from Ethereum’s entrance in CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), meaning that derivative contracts can be bought to decrease risk in Ethereum investments. This move enable investors to take positions in the Ethereum market, with lower risk analogically.


The total investments in cryptocurrencies from institutional investors in 2021 have already reached $4 billion, almost 2/3 from $6.7 billion invested in 2020 and we are still at February. All these things show that the new year will be very interesting regarding price development for cryptocurrencies.