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Jan, 2021

Do Institutional Investors Buy over the $30,000 level ?

One of the most prominent answers for the Bitcoin’s price surge is the institutional investors’ entrance that found value in the cryptocurrency and want to take a share in the revolution.


But there is a trending question to that “Until when and what price levels the institutional investors will continue to buy cryptocurrencies”. As we know, breaking the $30,000 price level brought higher volatility levels in the market as many investors decide to liquidate their positions, claiming profits to be happy with their returns. This fact made a lot of investors to worry that such moves will bring the end of the current bullish market.


The answer in the first question can come from Coinbase, which achieved an all-time high level in transactions, at Coinbase Pro in January 2, showing that many institutional investors, bring money in the market above $30,000 and the rest is history.