Multiple payment methods - Quick & Easy!

Advanced ATMs for buying and selling cryptocurrency

Bcash Alpha I and Omega I
– One way ATMs with the ability to BUY coins
Bcash Alpha II and Omega II
– Two way ATMs with BUY/SELL ability

Perfect solution for beginners

Bcash™ Sale Point (One-way)
– innovative and ideal solution for cashiers
Become a SELL point
– put yourself on map and start selling coins!

Accept payments in crypto-coinsin your store

Accept Coins
– free service, allowing you to accept payment for goods in cryptocurrency

Map of installed ATMs

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April, 2019

John McAfee: «I know who Satoshi Nakamoto is, and I will reveal him»

Who is the mysterious creator of Bitcoin? Is he a man, a woman, a group of people? Satoshi's creation may be the biggest economic revolution of the century, it may even change the very concept of money as we know it... Yet he hides in the shadows. A US presidential 2020 candidate and former hacker claims he knows the identity of the original cryptographer. And so, the hunt for the "father of crypto" begins...
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