Two New Funds Targeting Crypto Startups
Feb, 2022

Two New Funds Targeting Crypto Startups

Every day, new projects and new opportunities have risen in the crypto space and new investments are following this road. During the previous days, two new funds were launched, that will invest in crypto and blockchain projects and companies.


The first is coming from FTX, FTX Ventures, which will be a $2 billion fund, that will invest in blockchain and Web3 startups but also in other verticals like software, healthcare, etc. This is not the first time that FTX has started something in the investment world as it participated in a blockchain gaming fund along with Solana Ventures in November 2021.


The second fund is Blossom Capital, total of $423 million and, according to the management team, a 1/3 of the available capital will be placed in crypto projects.


We expect to see the follow-up investments and the moves from larger investors……