The Stablecoin Market
Jan, 2022

The Stablecoin Market

Stablecoins are a different approach in the crypto space as there are not affected from price volatility as they are pegged with a fiat currency, usually US Dollar.


The total market cap of stablecoin market are $170 billion, showing that the market has grown from 500 % to 1,300 % in just a year. The real value of stablecoins lay on the fact that allow fast and cheap transactions through a safe network, based on blockchain technology.


The most well-known stablecoins at this moment are Tether, USD Coin, followed from Binance USD and Terra, whose market caps skyrocketed during 2021, in the billions space.


The stablecoins consists the 8.5 % of the total crypto market while they are expected to sustain their position in this emerging market.