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Kevin O’ Leary “NFTs will Outgrow Bitcoin”
Jan, 2022

Kevin O’ Leary “NFTs will Outgrow Bitcoin”

Kevin O’ Leary, the famous investor from Shark Tank show, revealed his investment strategy for cryptocurrencies. More specifically, he revealed that he owns Hedera, Polygon, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and Serum but the major stake in its portfolio sets on Ethereum. He also possess a significant amount on USDC, for payments and transactions. No coin is above 5 % of its total portfolio.


His strategy focuses on software development team behind each project while he explained that Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin in value as it can become a payments network with large scalability. He doesn’t like meme coins, especially for the long-term.


Last but not least, he was asked about crypto bubble, responding that none knows about bubbles in the traditional markets, even more in the cryptos.