Nike Acquired the NFT Studio RTFKT
Dec, 2021

Nike Acquired the NFT Studio RTFKT

The US conglomerate in sports apparel and shoes Nike acquired a NFT sudio, RTFKT Studios. The acquired company was specialized in NFTs production, blockchain authentication and creating augmented reality products.


Nike’s goal is to offer to its clients a new experience regarding collectible items, that use to issue from time to time. Practically, these are the first steps for Nike in the metaverse era, after its partnership with Roblox for creating “Nikeland” in the Roblox Metaverse.


As we have published in previous articles, Nike’s main competitor, Adidas has already been active in the NFTs space, launching some pieces in the metaverse and buying some more NFTs from other platforms. The only sure thing is we will see more action in the field, even with more competition.