Altcoins Outperformed in November 2021
Dec, 2021

Altcoins Outperformed in November 2021

The institutional investment products that are available in the market through brokerage firms, like Grayscale, have entered the daily life for many investors. The investment products seem to have larger impact in the financial institutions’ analysis as the direct investments will bring the immediate result on their portfolios.


In such products, we had some interesting insights from November 2021, that showed that an alt-season emerged. Grayscale Bitcoin fell 10.1 % in the past month while the correspondent Ethereum increased to 3.6 %. The fall of Bitcoin funds from other investment firms (Purpose and 3iQ) went down to 6.5 % and 10.1 % respectively.


In contrast, investment products based on Litecoin (Grayscale LTCN) and Solana (21 Shares ASOL) reached new high levels with returns 14.9 % and 22 % in just a month.