Bitcoin ATMs are Doubled Globally
Nov, 2021

Bitcoin ATMs are Doubled Globally

Bitcoin ATMs are one of the fastest and safest ways to obtain cryptocurrencies. The exponential increase of Bitcoin ATMs in global level as many users prefer this way to obtain cryptos.


From the start of 2021, Bitcoin ATMs are available in more than 80 countries while there are more than 30,000 ATMs, doubling the number from what was available in January 2021. The exponential increase in ATMs installations shows that more users are not thinking about making instant profit from cryptocurrencies but they have a long-term design for holding and using cryptocurrencies.


Even if more Bitcoin ATMs are placed in USA (over 26,000), the rising trend in Europe (with more than 1,300) is gaining ground. We expect to see how this will evolve in the next years…