Ark Invest Predicts $500,000 for Bitcoin
Sep, 2021

Ark Invest Predicts $500,000 for Bitcoin

Ark Invest, through its CEO Kathie Wood, has defended many times Bitcoin’s nature and its position in the global financial system. Indeed, Wood has stated that Bitcoin’s price will reach $500,000 in the long-term period, providing new dimensions for many investors.


Ark Invest’s main exposure to Bitcoin has been through Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust, having place an initial position of 7 million shares. After that, the position was raised by 2.14 million shares while the current position has been around $10.8 million.


At that time, Kathie Wood seems to take more risk that other investors and Ark Invest’s investors are rewarded for their trust to her. We wait for the next moves for the price to learn more.