VC Andreessen Horowitz Prepares 3rd Crypto Fund
Jun, 2021

VC Andreessen Horowitz Prepares 3rd Crypto Fund

In May 2020, when the entire world was under a concerning mode regarding the next phases of the global economy, the well-known venture capital Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) announced that it will launch the “Crypto Fund II”, with $500 million available for investments in startups with crypto and blockchain background.


Now, the same venture capital seems to prepare a “Crypto Fund III”, with $2 billion available, targeting new and existing investments in crypto startups, but also openings in similar sectors. Of course, those investments are not a direct exposure in crypto investments but gives boost in the ecosystem through developing businesses in the sector.


It is worth noting that Andreessen Horowitz had invested in Coinbase at early stage, whose IPO created profits for previous investors.