New website, new possibilities
Dec, 2018

New website, new possibilities

Bcash’s website has been upgraded! Our web platform now offers a whole lot of new services, including:  


Sell online: You asked for it, we delivered. It is now possible to sell your cryptocurrencies online, via our platform, in the comfort of your home. No more waiting in lines! 


Simply press the “sell online” button, choose a specific ATM location close to you, then hit “enter” and sell your crypto for fiat currency (euro/dollar etc), at LIVE exchange rate. You can later drop by our ATM to collect your cash, whenever you feel like it!


This is an extremely useful tool that also eliminates the troublesome factor of crypto-volatility and Bcash is the first and ONLY company to offer this exclusive service.


ATM Coin availability: You can now track the cryptocurrency balance of any Bcash ATM in the country, through our website. This way, you can check which ATM close to your area has enough supply of coins for you to purchase, without having to visit the ATM physically. 


Upgraded Explorer: Use our updated search tool to look up any Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Dash address, transaction hash or block. 


Top 100 cryptocurrencies: Here you can track statistics of the top 100 cryptocurrencies (ranked by capitalization), including: live exchange rates, price change, volume, supply and graphs.


Online Product Shop: Presenting to you Bcash’s products - ATM Alpha, ATM Omega, One Way Sale Point and the Online Solution.  You can view the characteristics of our products and even shop online – order simply by sending us an e-mail.


Bcash Shop for business: Start accepting payments in crypto-coins at your store from anywhere in the world! If you own a business and want to accept payments in coins and get euros for FREE (0% rate), all you have to do is send us a request to open a corporate account.


You can then use our payment platform for smarthphones, tablets, computers. This way, your customers will be able to pay for your products/services in crypto-coins and we will transfer Euros to your bank account, commission-free!


And, of course, our latest addition: Buy Bitcoin online! Our new website offers you the ability to buy bitcoins at competitive exchange rates, with instant payouts.


Choose from a variety of payment methods (the exchange rate also varies with every method) including Bank Transfer (EU or Greece), credit/debits cards, Neosurf vouchers, Perfect Money and OK Pay wallet, then hit the “Exchange” button, and bam! You are now the proud owner of the most revolutionary and precious fintech product the world has ever seen.