Facebook Launches Libra in January 2021
Dec, 2020

Facebook Launches Libra in January 2021

After a long waiting period and lot of prospects from the entire digital world, Facebook will launch one of its promising projects, Libra, in January 2021.


The stablecoin form will be a digital currency, pegged 1-to-1 with the US Dollar while more fiat currencies will be added in the future.


The exact date has not been announced yet as there is still no decision from FINMA, the Financial Markets Authority in Swirzerland, where Libra has applied to be certified as a payment provider. All of the above information are considered to be under investigation, as there is no official announcement from Facebook or FINMA.


In Libra’s case, the stablecoin will bring new standards in the crypto market and our daily perspective and use regarding crypto use.