News of the Week (23 – 29 November)
Nov, 2020

News of the Week (23 – 29 November)

1. Christine Laguard : ECB can’t go bankrupt or run out of money

In an interview, Christine Laguard makes clear that normal regulations can’t be applied for Central Bank.


2. The Future of Voting and Blockchain

The suspicions for fraud in the recent American elections have set new standards for voting procedures and their integrity.


3. Nigeria Will Launch Regulatory Framework for Cryptocurrencies

The largest economy in Africa will launch a new regulatory framework for cryptocurrency adoption.


4. Colombia Stock Exchange Starts to Use Blockchain Infrastructure

The stock exchange in Colombia starts to use blockchain infrastructure to trace derivatives’ transactions in OTC markets.


5. Algorithmic Trading Competition from Coinbase Pro

Student teams from Oxford and Cambridge Universities are going to compete against each other in crypto algo trading from Coinbase Pro.