A New Crypto ATM Opens Every Hour
Nov, 2020

A New Crypto ATM Opens Every Hour

The first Bitcoin ATM hit the market in 2013, allowing Bitcoin to fiat transactions and vice versa. The company behind its installment in a café in Vancouver, Canada was Robocoin and it handled almost $10,000 in transactions in its first day.


Today, there are more than 11,500 crypto ATMs, where every use can buy and sell cryptocurrencies at will. It is worth noting that the sharp increase during the last year as by the end of 2019, crypto ATMs were around 6,300, a fact that shows an increase around 80 % in just a year.


The top countries in new installments are the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Colombia. The growth in crypto ATMs installments indicates the continuing interest from investors and users for new openings and new habits in the economic life.