News of the Week (23-31 October)
Nov, 2020

News of the Week (23-31 October)

1. Cambodia Launches Interbanking Platform in Blockchain

“Bakong” is the new platform for Cambodian banks for their interbanking transactions


2. Largest Bank in Singapore Launches Crypto Trading at Its Products

DBS, the largest bank in Singapore, offers its clients the chance to invest in crypto products


3. Bank in India Offers Crypto Services

Multistate Credit Co. offers loans and deposits in cryptocurrencies in 34 stores in India  


4. JP Morgan’s Stablecoin Launches for Commercial Use

After 1.5 year, JP Morgan releases its stablecoin for commercial use to create another revenue stream.


5. Marathon Buys 10,000 Ant Miners

Marathon became the largest mining company in the US, buying 10,000 new miners