Bitcoin’s Dominance in the Current Market
Oct, 2020

Bitcoin’s Dominance in the Current Market

Bitcoin continue to rise during the last days, giving boost to its price and value. In this game, it seems that it is a lonely road, pushing the majority of altcoins outside from the established trend.


Having concentrated the largest portion of interest from investors, Bitcoin has also concentrated lots of capitals, increasing its dominance in the crypto market. The moment when the article is written, Bitcoin has the 60 % of the crypto market, a percentage previously shown in 2017.


In second phase, we had observe that after periods where Bitcoin grows by itself, there is a period when Bitcoin’s profits tend to be re-invested in the crypto market, but in different cryptocurrencies, sparking an alt-season and giving added value to other cryptocurrencies, which are considered undervalued.


In the next days, we will see what will happen in the crypto market and the upcoming steps for this period.