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News from the Week (18-25 September) : EU Starts Crypto Regulation
Sep, 2020

News from the Week (18-25 September) : EU Starts Crypto Regulation

1. Visa and Goldman Sachs participate in Digital Commerce Chamber


Lobbying regarding cryptocurrencies is getting stronger in Washington, with Visa and Goldman Sachs additions.



2. EU starts cryptocurrency regulation by 2024


EU plans to adopt a systemic regulation for crypto space until 2022 and 2024. EU officials are looking for clearer regulations that will limit money laundering.



3. New blockchain gaming platform from Warner Media


Warner Media decided to boost its e-gaming subsidiary, Turner Sports, launching “Blocklete Games”, a blockchain gaming platform where payments and processes are able through different cryptocurrencies. The first game will be “Blocklete Golf”.



4. New entries in the Libra Association


Blockchain Capital (investment firm), Tagomi (crypto broker), Checkout.com (payment services) and Temasek (Singapore state company) decided to enter Libra Association.



5. Daimler uses blockchain platform for better customer experience


Daimler, parent company of Mercedes, uses a new blockchain platform which allows customers to save their car settings and transfer them in their next car.