10,500 New Miners from Marathon Patent Group
Aug, 2020

10,500 New Miners from Marathon Patent Group

One of the first companies in crypto mining that choose the public offering route was Marathon Patent Group, whose vision is to become the largest crypto mining hub in the US. Developing the above strategy, Marathon activates a large investment of around $ 23 billion, buying 10,500 miners S-19 from Bitmain.


These miners are called Antminers S-19 Pro and have processing power at 110 terahash per second and this moment is considered the best and most efficient miner in the market. The cooperation with Bitmain will be strengthened over time as the shopping will continue.


Last orders from Marathon Patent Group were 500 S-19 Pro in mid-June, another batch of 660 S-19 in late-July while there was another order of 700 M31S+ Whatsminers from Microbt. Adding the 10,500 new miners, the total mining portfolio for Marathon is 13,520 miners with a total production of 1.55 exahash per second.