Delphi Digital Creates a New Investment Fund
Aug, 2020

Delphi Digital Creates a New Investment Fund

Delphi Digital is a consulting firm in the crypto space, which apart from consulting services, provides sector analysis regarding the future of the cryptocurrencies. It consists of a team of 10 analysts while it opened recently its new offices in London.


The company enters a new phase on July 30, when apart from the platform update in the analysis and news sector, a new investment fund was launched, targeting blockchain-based projects.


The fund was formed with capitals from Delphi Digital, without any external investors’ participation and it will focus on early-stage projects, whom their main activity will be token-based.


The basic motive behind this decision for the company; to form an investment fund is the attitude that cryptocurrencies will be the catalyst for the 21st-century economy, creating the largest wealth transfer in history.


You can find more about the fund, by clicking on the link.