Binance’s Second Acquisition in 2020
Jul, 2020

Binance’s Second Acquisition in 2020

The second acquisition in 2020 for Binance is Swipe, a company in the Philippines issuing crypto debit cards, transferred in fiat currency, through Visa network. The specific card allows users to own more than 20 different cryptocurrencies (including Binance Coin) and spend them in places accepting credit and debit cards.


The users can buy cryptocurrencies through bank transfer, SEPA, and Swift network, giving the institutional framework in card transactions. The main goal behind that acquisition is debit card issuance from Binance and the contribution to more crypto adoption worldwide.


The card is available in every EU country and the United Kingdom while it started from South Korea and the Philippines.


It is worth noting that Binance’s first acquisition for 2020 was the popular website, CoinMarketCap, which presents statistics for every cryptocurrency.