Music Investments through Blockchain Technology
Jun, 2020

Music Investments through Blockchain Technology

A new startup in Luxemburg, ANote Music, launches its new platform on 28 July, allowing users and investors to buy and sell music royalties.


The music industry is a sector where there is a continuing struggle for a new artist to fund his project and ideas if he had no access to the right connections. ANote Music’s platform will allow artists, singers, songwriters, and producers to sell their music royalties and exchange them in a price determined from supply and demand. The platform will use Ethereum for its transactions.


The first company who trusts Anote Music’s platform is Irma Records from Italy, which will launch € 200,000 in shares through the platform for trading.


A parallel move in the music industry was made from the digital music store eMusic, which launch its cryptocurrency for helping musicians to patent and sell their music for what they want.