Blockchain in After – COVID-19 Era
Apr, 2020

Blockchain in After – COVID-19 Era

World Economic Forum didn’t take place in Davos this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but this didn’t stop the world’s finest economic and political minds to virtually gather and discuss the next day in the global economy.


Among the topics was blockchain adoption and how it can help the global economy restart after coronavirus. More specifically, there were discussions regarding blockchain use in the supply chain in sectors like medical, pharmaceutical, and food supplies.


Blockchain’s supply chain offers the advantage of trust between the participants in that and the fair pricing at every level. In the World Economic Forum, Maersk, Deloitte, and World Bank present a blockchain toolkit, which has been tested from other companies like Aramco and Hitachi.


In digital Davos, Singapore and the UAE present their governmental policies regarding blockchain adoption in different sectors like shipping and public administration. In parallel, H&M presents its case regarding the textile supply chain.