Blockchain and Immunity Passports
Apr, 2020

Blockchain and Immunity Passports

Oracle announced its partnership with Vottun, a startup specialized in data certification and authenticity through blockchain infrastructure. The partnership expects to result in an “immunity certificate” or “health passport”, allowing employees to reach their jobs safely.


The digital certificate system will allow the authorities to check easily if the employee has been through the disease is cured or had made the vaccine. Every employee will have a unique QR code, readable from any smartphone for more details.


The pilot program will roll out in Spain in partnership with PwC while in the US have already started conversations with the Public Health National Institute. The concept may be considered controversial, as past totalitarian regimes require documents showing for any work or move.


Many systems have been developed over the last period for contact tracing for patients but also in counties where there was extended virus spread. Including the above, blockchain can have a vital role in getting back to normality.