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Tezos Gives $ 37 Million in Developers’ Funding
Mar, 2020

Tezos Gives $ 37 Million in Developers’ Funding

Tezos is a platform where anyone can host its own DApp (Decentralized Application) or a smart contract. Founded from ex-Morgan Stanley analyst, Arthur Breitman, its purpose is to combine a self-regulated protocol with blockchain standards to provide multiple and flexible network modifications.


Tezos collects more than $232 million through its ICO while today it owns assets worth more than $635 million. In a recent announcement, Tezos Foundation will distribute $ 38 million in funding. The funding projects are categorized into :

  • Research & Development
  • Projects based on Tezos protocol
  • Community building and development


The selection process will be a 4-step process, where Tezos accepts or decline the suggestions.


From late 2019, there were many grants awarded in different organizations and projects with similar interests with Tezos. Some of the organizations are :

  • Blockmatic
  • Buidl Labs
  • Kyoto University


More than 40 organizations have been funded for developing applications and tools that will help Tezos community while more $ 13 million have been spent on sponsorships on meetups and hackathons.


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