EU and Blockchain : Mark Taverner Explains
Mar, 2020

EU and Blockchain : Mark Taverner Explains

EU decides in April 2019 to establish INATBA, the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications. The goal of this initiative is to bring on the same table regulatory authorities, blockchain businessmen and institutions that will help in the technology adoption in a variety of sectors in the European economy.


This effort became a reality after the EU appointed Mark Taverner, former global ambassador for Bitfury Group, as its first executive director. Taverner showed his first insights regarding EU’s strategy in different blockchain conferences, explaining INATBA role’s in the global economy.


EU’s strategy is based on four pillars :

  • Dialogue between public institutions, able to shape the regulatory framework for the use of decentralized technologies in the economy
  • Promotion of open governance model between the interesting parts for common cooperation framework creation
  • Creation of standards for cooperation for digital services in the blockchain industry
  • Focus on critical aspects of the European economy that could create added value through blockchain use


The main goal of this initiative is to coordinate all the interesting parts which will allow the adoption of blockchain in the global economy and this could start from the EU and its state-members.