Launch your Own Exchange with Binance
Feb, 2020

Launch your Own Exchange with Binance

The new platform, created from Binance, doesn’t care only for cloud services but to create new digital exchanges that will use Binance’s platform.


The new infrastructure will provide Binance’s customers and partners all the tools for everyone to create its own digital exchange, accompanied by Binance’s security, credibility, and liquidity. The service will also have a dashboard for managing funds and a large list of trading cryptocurrencies.


The idea behind this new service is the expansion to new markets with local partners, without adding more in-house risk to its core business. The provided infrastructure will include spot market, futures trading, connectivity to local banks’ API and peer-to-peer exchange.


The setup process will last 3 to 5 days while the first exchanges will launch in early March 2020.


You can read the full announcement here .