Binance Cloud is coming
Feb, 2020

Binance Cloud is coming

In a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) in Reddit, Binance CEO, Changpen Zhao, announced that Binance will launch over the next 10 days a new product, called Binance Cloud.


Even though there aren’t many details about the upcoming product, there was a job posting about a Senior Cloud Engineer position, who will support the relevant team in the company. The job posting refers that “the candidate should be able to help the team to grow and automate the cloud architecture, used from the company”.


Among other news from Binance, the exchange will add some new features in a short period, such as :

  • Leverage 50x from 10/2
  • Accepting Russian Rubles, Norwegian Krone and Croatian Kruna
  • Accepting Russian credit and debit cards
  • Launching a new cryptocurrency from acquired exchange WazirX from India